The Sin of Scraplifting

We’ve all done it right?  You see a layout you love, whether it be on Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, wherever.  And you think, “I have GOT to make a layout just like that one!”  And then you do.  Where’s the harm in that?

I did this very same thing.

Which was inspired by Cat Martin.  Here’s her original layout.  I don’t scraplift often, I feel awkward doing it, if I am being completely honest.  But I was in a crafty funk and just wanted to create content for YouTube.  So I scraplifted Cat.

Then as I do, I posted my layout all over social media:  Facebook groups, Instagram accounts.  I wanted people to watch my video and tell me how I did Cat’s layout proud.  Instead I got an unexpected comment on one of my posts.

I had posted my layout without any indications that it was scraplifted.  I just directed people to the video where I do credit my source of inspiration.  Apparently this broke the cardinal rule of scraplifting.  *insert eye roll here*

A well known scrapbooker, whom I had admired up to this point, decided to comment on my post berating me for scraplifting.  So I deleted my posts immediately.  I had no idea I had broken some rule.  At the time of the post, I was still relatively new to scrapbooking.

But since I deleted my post, this scrapbooker decided to take her qualms with me more public and start a whole thread about the proper rules for scraplifting.  I imagine if you talk to her she could fill you in, but I don’t plan on going into them here.  So I posted on her thread apologizing for my original post and letting her know I had deleted it.  This didn’t stop the thread.

For over three hours I continued to get updates on my phone letting me know people were commenting on this thread, whether they agreed with her or me is a non-point, the entire thread caused me great anxiety.  Finally, the thread was deleted.

I didn’t film a scrapbook layout for two months after that.  Two months!  Because some negative individual decided to school me on the rules of scrapbooking.  Guess what?  There are no “rules of scrapbooking”.  I don’t know about you, but when I started scrapbooking, I wasn’t given a handbook about the dos and don’ts.

Just recently I joined The Scrap Gals Facebook group.  And I started listening to the Scrap Gals podcast.  On more than one occasion Tracie talks about scraplifting.  As something positive that we should all be doing!  I decided to start a thread about it in the group to hear other people’s opinions.  The general consensus?  Who cares!  (Unless you are being paid for your work).

If you are putting your work on a public forum, it’s not illegal for others to take inspiration from your work.  Heck, wouldn’t you be flattered??  I know I would be!

And to jump on the scraplifting bandwagon, I started a new series on our YouTube channel called Scraplift Saturday.  I hope you all join in to scraplift some of our favorite scrapbookers!

xo, Kira

Meet The Sparklers! (Blog Hop)


Happy Monday, friends!  It’s Mary here and I wanted to pop in real quick to share with you this layout I created for SpiegelMom Scraps using some of their brand spankin’ new summer sequins collections which are being released TODAY!  Woot!  Jody, the owner, has worked so hard putting together sequin mixes that coordinate with so many of the new lines that have come out this year and I can’t be more impressed!

I mean just look at these beauties!


Jody also sells Shimmerz products in her shop which I was super excited about because I have had Shimmerz envy for quite some time now.  So I grabbed a “few”.


I asked Missy Whidden, the Queen of Shimmerz, “if I could only pick 3 Shimmerz products, what should I pick and in what colors” so, of course, I had to grab her favorite Vibez in Jeni B Blue.  As she would say, “it’s the perfect teal, minty-blue” and I have to agree.  And, because everyone needs a go-to ‘black dress’ in their Shimmerz collection I snagged Vibez in Before Dawn.


Let me tell you… that mint ‘Sea U in the Mornin’ Dazzlers?!  Like butter-y, pearlescent-y, smooth-y, yumminess that you want to eat but can’t…because it’s toxic…welll actually! It’s not lol (I just checked) so eat away you weird-o.


And I have a fun technique using Paste-eez and sequins coming this Saturday for National Scrapbooking Day.  You definitely won’t want to miss that!

I’m really looking forward to testing out the AcriTonez in my bible.  They’re opaque, vibrant colors that go on smoothly and won’t bleed through the thin pages of my bible.

While I was putting together my swatches I wanted to test out the white AcriTonez ‘3 Sheets to the Wind’ with the other three colors I got to see what that would look like and I loved the outcome!


The white just mutes the colors enough to tone them down and yet they still are vibrant and beautiful.


So now that all of my show and tell is done…If you’re new to Create Craft Repeat and our AMAZZZINGNESS, let me introduce ya!  I’m Mary, and I share this creative adventure with my friend, Kira.  We met as pen-pals through Instagram.  I absolutely admired her paper crafting style.  Then I found out that she lives 15 minutes away from my mom (which is 3 hours from me but my family and I visit quite often)!  When I asked if she would like to meet up for a play date to “get our kids together” (….who am I kidding…I could care less if the kids get together, I was just excited for a potential new crafty friend.  Haha!)  she said yes!  My kids ended up catching a cold so we decided to meet up at Hobby Lobby.  After being schooled in the importance of “stranger danger” by her husband, we clicked right away and proved to him that I was a “safe person”.  We connected so fast that we thought we’d create a YouTube channel so that we could spend more virtual quality time together.  And so began Create Craft Repeat.  So really, Create Craft Repeat is for us…and you guys, our subscribers, we are so grateful that you come hang out with us crazies every single week.  You bring us so much joy and encouragement and it really means the world to us!  And if you’d like to see more of our story you can watch our Q&A video.

So enough about Kira…this blog post is about me muhahahaha!  So grab a cup of coffee or tea (or an adult beverage in Kira’s case) and let me introduce you to me and my crazy scrappy style.


I think this layout can sum me up in a nut shell.  It has stitching, gold, lots of layers, lots of interest, splatters, and it’s pun-y.  I’m pun-y…like not pun-y in a good way but in an eye-roll kind of way.  I get it from my dad.  I really feel like my memory-keeping creations are my legacy that I’ll leave behind for my children so I want my personality to really come out when they flip through them at 50 years old.  By the way, if you don’t get the title, it’s a reference to a Bad Lip Reading song….my family is obsessed and I can recite the words a capella.  <—see total dork here…

I’m also a feelings person.  I love encouraging others, especially women, and who would have thought this could happen through papercrafting?  This is my bigger purpose and goal in sharing my layouts because I once was a closet crafter, afraid to be bold and share my most intimate moments through the things I create.  My fear actually paralyzed my creativity!  I would go months and sometimes years not being creative at all, in any way, shape or form.  Creativity is where I am most vulnerable and, if you are a believer you might relate to this, my most intimate spiritual time.  It only makes sense why it was such a struggle to me over the years!

I’d love for you to stop in and find an extra boost of encouragement on our YouTube channel where I will post the process video for this layout.

I’m over-the-moon excited to be a part of the SpiegelMom Scraps design team this year.  This is my first design team experience and so far, I couldn’t have asked for a better team to be a part of.  The ladies are all so fun and amazing.

Jody will be giving away $20 to spend at her shop for one random person who leaves a comment during the blog hop!  So head over to Rachel’s Blog, and leave a comment for even more chances to win!  I’m a total fan-girl of Rachel’s work so you’d be doing yourself a big disservice if you didn’t 😉  Also make sure to pop in and take a look at the SpiegelMom Scraps shop to see her new releases, you get 15% off if you use my code!






My Scrappy Weakness

We all have one, don’t we?  No matter if you’ve been scrapbooking for 10 days or 10 years.  Mine is mixed media.  I don’t know why it stresses me out so much.  I mean, it basically gives you a license to get messy and not follow any rules.  Maybe that’s why I struggle so much with it.

But over the weekend I found myself binge watching Jessica and Missy YouTube videos and having this craving to get messy.

I don’t have a lot of supplies in the mixed media department.  I just recently increased my Heidi Swapp color shine count from 3 to 6.  I have a cheap palette of water colors.  I have some gesso.  And a small tube of Heidi Swapp texture paste.  And that’s it.

What I love most about Jessica’s videos is her use of acrylic paints.  If you’re a mom with young kids, this is pretty much a staple as far as art supplies go.  However, we were running low so I made a trip to Michael’s for some more while they had a 20% off entire purchase coupon.  And instead of getting the typical kids colors (think primary colors, rainbow colors) I picked out some pinks and teals and yellow that I knew I would love to work with.  (Sorry Jonathan.)

And I created this:


I honestly didn’t have high hopes for this layout so I just grabbed a random photo that’s been laying on my desk for months.  I would’ve preferred a black and white photo but thought why bother printing a new one when I will most likely toss this layout in the trash later.  You can see I had a lot of faith in myself during this process.

I started by picking out some paint colors.  I grabbed a magenta pink, bright yellow, a blue and a teal.  And since I don’t have actually paint brushes I just brushed it on with one of my toddler’s foam brushes.  I was okay with some of the colors overlapping so the pink and yellow created an orange and the pink and blue created a purple but tried to steer clear of creating any muddy brown colors.

Once I had a nice base created, I come back with some of my color shine to add splatters.  I used pink, yellow and blue (don’t ask me to go downstairs to look at the exact color names please).

I knew I didn’t want to add too many layers to my photo, so I went the Missy Whidden route and went for tissue paper.  But the only color I had was pink.  Again, I thought, meh, this will probably end up in the trash anyway, so does it really matter?  Positive thinking the whole way through.

I decided to add some clusters beside my photo with thickers and chipboard from the Chasing Dreams collection.


I added the string because I had seen it on a layout by Cassie Box and thought it looked cute.  Plus I just got this black and white bakers twine and I am a little obsessed at the moment.

I always have such a hard time choosing a title.  I channeled my inner Mary this time around and decided to play off the bear outfit my son is wearing.  The “serious” foam thicker is from an Amy Tangerine pack I found at Tuesday Morning recently.  It said “seriously” but I cut off the “ly” so my title could read “Beary Serious” since my son has on his most serious face in this photo.


I finished off with some enamel dots, gold color shine splatters and a DIY clip embellishment (watch how I made those here).

And then I took a picture and sent it to Mary because I actually really loved how this one came out and I knew I had to be crazy.  But Mary liked it too.

Have you ever stepped out of your comfort zone and ended up with a layout you really love?  I hope this is the beginning of a long and happy relationship between myself and mixed media.

Until next time,


DIY Embellishments: Decorative Clips

Hello all!

I recently got an idea for some DIY embellishments.  We have all seen these adorable clips made by Crate Paper (and I do believe Simple Stories makes some too).


And really, they’re just bobby pins.  (Albeit, adorable bobby pins).  So I thought, Kira, you can make these.  And I did.  So the supplies you will need for this project are:

Glossy Accents

Paper (I prefer 6×6 pads for this project since the designs on the pages are smaller), paper punches (I used a 5/8″ circle, a heart punch and a star punch), or small pieces of ephemera or fussy cut pieces of paper

Bobby pins (I found mine at Hobby Lobby on sale for $1.50 for 20)

Pin (for popping bubbles)

Optional extras:  charms, brads, buttons, and resin shapes

Once you’ve gathered all your supplies, it’s time to get creating!  I think at this point it is best to have a game plan, otherwise you end up with 20 randomly made clips like me.  Ooof.  Either stick with a color scheme or a paper pad, or even try to replicate some for a specific collection.  (Which just gave me the idea to fussy cut images from the Little You collection to create some for my baby book!)

First, you’ll want to punch out your shapes (or fussy cut some).  I did circles, hearts and stars but your options are only limited by your supplies and imagination.


Then add some Glossy Accents to your bobby pin and adhere your paper.

I found that if I added the paper to the bobby pin first, there was less curling from the paper during the drying process.

Next, you will add glossy accents to the top of your image creating a meniscus of glue.


You may see small bubbles at this point.  If you leave the clip to dry like this, it will dry with bubbles on top.  So this is where you use your pin to pop all the bubbles.  I also use it to make sure the glossy accents has made its way to all the edges.


And now you wait…seriously, you have to let it sit for 24 hours.  Make sure your clip is on an even surface and in a dry area of your house.  The glossy accents will dry clear and will harden.


If you’d like to watch me create these on YouTube, click here.  I’d love to see what you create!  Tag me on Instagram @kira.gets.crafty!

Until next time,


Including an Insert to your Project Life Album


Do you ever have those weeks where you have taken waaaaay too many pictures?  Of course not, it’s not possible.  Okay, but maybe too many to include in a double page spread?  Yeah, me too!

Elliott had his first birthday this week!  (I told him to quit growing all year, but he didn’t listen).  And of course, like most moms, I went way overboard on the pictures.  Before I even printed birthday pictures I was looking at over 20 for the week anyway.  Then there were cake pictures, dinner pictures, present pictures, etc., etc., etc.  My solution for these weeks is a Project Life insert.

So the first thing I do is decide on my size of insert.  I work in a 12×12 album and complete a 2 page spread weekly.  To me, adding an additional 12×12 page seems excessive (but honestly, I could totally see myself doing it).  So I tend to lean towards a 9×12 page.  I know they sell this size, but I buy the Project Life big variety pack and have certain designs I just don’t like to use during the week (particularly designs B, C and E).  Easy solution:  use them for my insert pages!

This week I used a Design B and cut off the entire right column.  I also decided to stick with a single paper pad this week and used Dear Lizzy Happy Place exclusively for my cards.  Here’s what I started with:

The first card in my insert is like notebook lined paper (but fun and colorful) and I knew I wanted to write a little note to Elliott on this card.  I also chose a photo of him that I felt showcased his personality.  The other photos chosen were random shots throughout the day (dinner, cake, playing with his birthday present, and a post-smash cake bath).

As with any project life page, I always start by pulling all my cards and photos out of one page, start with layering, putting pieces of ephemera down and finding a general area for my items.


I have my journaling done at this point as well.  I loved that this paper had an area for a date!  I added the date to the top, adhered my photo down, and wrote a simple note to Elliott about how he is not allowed to grow anymore.

Real talk…my desk usually looks like this…010

Any other snacking crafters out there?  (Also, if it’s Saturday night, there is usually a beer.)

Anyway, I was feeling really good about most of the cards, my placement and embellishing.  Except this card…


It needs something.  Right?  So I texted Mary, “What does this card need???” (There may have been even more question marks, I get anxious when I can’t figure out a crafting dilemma).  She texted back and said, “Nothing.”  Well, guess what Mary?  Too bad, because it got a banner added.

Now on to the next page…I struggled with motivation on that one.  You may notice that it looks a little sparse.  And it could be that I am sick, and running on empty.  And maybe some of you are thinking, “Just rest, Kira!”  And to that I say, “Ha!”.  But seriously, when it comes to my Project Life album it doesn’t have to be perfect every time.  I just want it complete.

So here is where I started with the second side:


And because I just wanted it done, here is how it ended up:

Overall, I am happy with how it looks and more importantly it is done, documented and in the book.

How do you document your big events?  Have you played around with Project Life inserts?

Until next time,


My Project Life Process


I thought I would write a detailed post on my Project Life process from start to finish.  I always film my process and post it to YouTube but usually a good chunk of my actual process is emitted, since I don’t think anyone wants to watch me fuss around with pieces of ephemera for an hour.  But maybe you want to read about it?

The first step to my process is uploading my photos.  I have three photo printers at my disposal but my favorite is my Canon Pixma that I received for Valentine’s Day (my husband really knows his way to a scrapbooker’s heart).  All my photos are taken on my iPhone and edited through Snapseed, which is available to download from the app store.

Once I upload my photos, I open the ones I want printed in the My Image Garden software that is included with the Canon Pixma.  I typically open them in a photo layout (sort of like a collage) that fits 4 photos on a 4×6 piece of photo paper.  Occasionally, I will choose a 2 photo layout if I have fewer photos for the week, or if there is a certain photo I want larger.

Here are my photos for the week:

(Side note:  On Wednesday, I had texted Mary that I was going to have so many filler cards because I had only taken two photos for the week.  What happened?!)


Once my photos are printed, I can head down to my craft room (which is located in a different area of the house than my printer/computer).  Before cutting up my photos, I pick out page protectors for the week.  The first page will always be the reverse side of the previous week, so that is set in stone, so I usually pick my second page protector around that.  This week, the left side of my spread consisted of 4-6×6 pockets (my least favorite design, and you probably won’t see me use these in the future, because ugh).  So for my right side I decided to choose a page protector with lots of pockets, which ended up being Design F.

After the page protectors are chosen I can move onto picking out my cards.  I’m not too picky about where my journaling cards come from (to see me challenge myself on choosing journaling cards, watch this).  But this week I went with a color theme of pinks, yellow, black and grey.

These were a mixture of 6×6 papers, Project Life cards I had in my stash, and cut aparts gifted to me from penpals.  I like to have a few cards that I can journal on, but if I don’t end up getting any in my layout, I will just add some tags or grid paper to journal on later.

Once I have my cards laid out how I want them, I cut my pictures down.  Sometimes I leave a white border, sometimes I don’t.  This week I decided to leave the border.  I cut them with my mini guillotine trimmer shown below, and sometimes scissors.

Once I have my photos trimmed to size I start laying them on the cards.  At this point, some pictures don’t make it to my final spread.  This week I started with 24 pictures but only 21 made the cut.

Do you try to match your layouts to your photo colors?  I see a lot of scrapbookers do this.  And honestly, I think I would go crazy if I tried.  Or I would end up with a lot of Seahawks themed layouts.  The only thing I try to do at this point is group pictures that were all during the same “event”.  This is easy to do on the 6×6 papers (the only thing they’re good for, in my opinion) if you have more than 2 photos.  I find that the 4×6 cards can fit two photos comfortably though, but never try to squeeze more than one on my 3×4 cards.

Now I search for embellishments!  I have all my ephemera sorted by size.  Tiny and small are on containers on my desk, and larger pieces are in small iris containers located on my raskog.  And as always, I have to sift through my little bowl of Becky Flair.  I dig through everything and pick out pieces I think might be good for layering, or have phrases I think may work well with my layout.

Some of the pieces I place on certain cards as I go, others are just set to the side for me to figure out later.  But once I have dug through everything I start layering on my pieces.  I love the look of paper pieces sticking out behind photos so I used a lot of scraps from my stash this week.  And I had recently made a bunch of ticket tags on my Cricut, so those are used a lot as well.  Once I feel a card is complete, I set it to the side and start on the next, stacking the cards as I go.

Nothing is adhered down at this point, it is just roughly layered so I have a general idea before I start filming.  Once every card is stacked, then I am ready to film!  To see me complete my process click here!

What is your Project Life process?  Do you like a layered look?  Or a more simplistic look?

xo, Kira

The Truth About Starting a Blog

I am sure blogging is fun for some.  In fact, I have often thought about starting a blog.  Mary even has an inactive blog on the internets somewhere.  But then Mary and I started a YouTube channel instead and boy is that a lot of work.  So why are we starting this blog, you ask.  The answer is simple…scrapbook design teams.

Is that silly?  Maybe.  But over the last two months I have applied to over seven design teams.  And I am on a total of zero.  Sure, maybe I am just not good enough.  But honestly, I know I am.  Plus I am quirky and cheeky in that way that makes people fall in love with me, at least through email.

So here we are…in the blogosphere, trying to make it on a design team.  Check back often for inspiration from Mary and me both.  And keep your fingers crossed we make it on a design team.