The Truth About Starting a Blog

I am sure blogging is fun for some.  In fact, I have often thought about starting a blog.  Mary even has an inactive blog on the internets somewhere.  But then Mary and I started a YouTube channel instead and boy is that a lot of work.  So why are we starting this blog, you ask.  The answer is simple…scrapbook design teams.

Is that silly?  Maybe.  But over the last two months I have applied to over seven design teams.  And I am on a total of zero.  Sure, maybe I am just not good enough.  But honestly, I know I am.  Plus I am quirky and cheeky in that way that makes people fall in love with me, at least through email.

So here we are…in the blogosphere, trying to make it on a design team.  Check back often for inspiration from Mary and me both.  And keep your fingers crossed we make it on a design team.





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