My Project Life Process


I thought I would write a detailed post on my Project Life process from start to finish.  I always film my process and post it to YouTube but usually a good chunk of my actual process is emitted, since I don’t think anyone wants to watch me fuss around with pieces of ephemera for an hour.  But maybe you want to read about it?

The first step to my process is uploading my photos.  I have three photo printers at my disposal but my favorite is my Canon Pixma that I received for Valentine’s Day (my husband really knows his way to a scrapbooker’s heart).  All my photos are taken on my iPhone and edited through Snapseed, which is available to download from the app store.

Once I upload my photos, I open the ones I want printed in the My Image Garden software that is included with the Canon Pixma.  I typically open them in a photo layout (sort of like a collage) that fits 4 photos on a 4×6 piece of photo paper.  Occasionally, I will choose a 2 photo layout if I have fewer photos for the week, or if there is a certain photo I want larger.

Here are my photos for the week:

(Side note:  On Wednesday, I had texted Mary that I was going to have so many filler cards because I had only taken two photos for the week.  What happened?!)


Once my photos are printed, I can head down to my craft room (which is located in a different area of the house than my printer/computer).  Before cutting up my photos, I pick out page protectors for the week.  The first page will always be the reverse side of the previous week, so that is set in stone, so I usually pick my second page protector around that.  This week, the left side of my spread consisted of 4-6×6 pockets (my least favorite design, and you probably won’t see me use these in the future, because ugh).  So for my right side I decided to choose a page protector with lots of pockets, which ended up being Design F.

After the page protectors are chosen I can move onto picking out my cards.  I’m not too picky about where my journaling cards come from (to see me challenge myself on choosing journaling cards, watch this).  But this week I went with a color theme of pinks, yellow, black and grey.

These were a mixture of 6×6 papers, Project Life cards I had in my stash, and cut aparts gifted to me from penpals.  I like to have a few cards that I can journal on, but if I don’t end up getting any in my layout, I will just add some tags or grid paper to journal on later.

Once I have my cards laid out how I want them, I cut my pictures down.  Sometimes I leave a white border, sometimes I don’t.  This week I decided to leave the border.  I cut them with my mini guillotine trimmer shown below, and sometimes scissors.

Once I have my photos trimmed to size I start laying them on the cards.  At this point, some pictures don’t make it to my final spread.  This week I started with 24 pictures but only 21 made the cut.

Do you try to match your layouts to your photo colors?  I see a lot of scrapbookers do this.  And honestly, I think I would go crazy if I tried.  Or I would end up with a lot of Seahawks themed layouts.  The only thing I try to do at this point is group pictures that were all during the same “event”.  This is easy to do on the 6×6 papers (the only thing they’re good for, in my opinion) if you have more than 2 photos.  I find that the 4×6 cards can fit two photos comfortably though, but never try to squeeze more than one on my 3×4 cards.

Now I search for embellishments!  I have all my ephemera sorted by size.  Tiny and small are on containers on my desk, and larger pieces are in small iris containers located on my raskog.  And as always, I have to sift through my little bowl of Becky Flair.  I dig through everything and pick out pieces I think might be good for layering, or have phrases I think may work well with my layout.

Some of the pieces I place on certain cards as I go, others are just set to the side for me to figure out later.  But once I have dug through everything I start layering on my pieces.  I love the look of paper pieces sticking out behind photos so I used a lot of scraps from my stash this week.  And I had recently made a bunch of ticket tags on my Cricut, so those are used a lot as well.  Once I feel a card is complete, I set it to the side and start on the next, stacking the cards as I go.

Nothing is adhered down at this point, it is just roughly layered so I have a general idea before I start filming.  Once every card is stacked, then I am ready to film!  To see me complete my process click here!

What is your Project Life process?  Do you like a layered look?  Or a more simplistic look?

xo, Kira


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