Including an Insert to your Project Life Album


Do you ever have those weeks where you have taken waaaaay too many pictures?  Of course not, it’s not possible.  Okay, but maybe too many to include in a double page spread?  Yeah, me too!

Elliott had his first birthday this week!  (I told him to quit growing all year, but he didn’t listen).  And of course, like most moms, I went way overboard on the pictures.  Before I even printed birthday pictures I was looking at over 20 for the week anyway.  Then there were cake pictures, dinner pictures, present pictures, etc., etc., etc.  My solution for these weeks is a Project Life insert.

So the first thing I do is decide on my size of insert.  I work in a 12×12 album and complete a 2 page spread weekly.  To me, adding an additional 12×12 page seems excessive (but honestly, I could totally see myself doing it).  So I tend to lean towards a 9×12 page.  I know they sell this size, but I buy the Project Life big variety pack and have certain designs I just don’t like to use during the week (particularly designs B, C and E).  Easy solution:  use them for my insert pages!

This week I used a Design B and cut off the entire right column.  I also decided to stick with a single paper pad this week and used Dear Lizzy Happy Place exclusively for my cards.  Here’s what I started with:

The first card in my insert is like notebook lined paper (but fun and colorful) and I knew I wanted to write a little note to Elliott on this card.  I also chose a photo of him that I felt showcased his personality.  The other photos chosen were random shots throughout the day (dinner, cake, playing with his birthday present, and a post-smash cake bath).

As with any project life page, I always start by pulling all my cards and photos out of one page, start with layering, putting pieces of ephemera down and finding a general area for my items.


I have my journaling done at this point as well.  I loved that this paper had an area for a date!  I added the date to the top, adhered my photo down, and wrote a simple note to Elliott about how he is not allowed to grow anymore.

Real talk…my desk usually looks like this…010

Any other snacking crafters out there?  (Also, if it’s Saturday night, there is usually a beer.)

Anyway, I was feeling really good about most of the cards, my placement and embellishing.  Except this card…


It needs something.  Right?  So I texted Mary, “What does this card need???” (There may have been even more question marks, I get anxious when I can’t figure out a crafting dilemma).  She texted back and said, “Nothing.”  Well, guess what Mary?  Too bad, because it got a banner added.

Now on to the next page…I struggled with motivation on that one.  You may notice that it looks a little sparse.  And it could be that I am sick, and running on empty.  And maybe some of you are thinking, “Just rest, Kira!”  And to that I say, “Ha!”.  But seriously, when it comes to my Project Life album it doesn’t have to be perfect every time.  I just want it complete.

So here is where I started with the second side:


And because I just wanted it done, here is how it ended up:

Overall, I am happy with how it looks and more importantly it is done, documented and in the book.

How do you document your big events?  Have you played around with Project Life inserts?

Until next time,



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