The Sin of Scraplifting

We’ve all done it right?  You see a layout you love, whether it be on Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, wherever.  And you think, “I have GOT to make a layout just like that one!”  And then you do.  Where’s the harm in that?

I did this very same thing.

Which was inspired by Cat Martin.  Here’s her original layout.  I don’t scraplift often, I feel awkward doing it, if I am being completely honest.  But I was in a crafty funk and just wanted to create content for YouTube.  So I scraplifted Cat.

Then as I do, I posted my layout all over social media:  Facebook groups, Instagram accounts.  I wanted people to watch my video and tell me how I did Cat’s layout proud.  Instead I got an unexpected comment on one of my posts.

I had posted my layout without any indications that it was scraplifted.  I just directed people to the video where I do credit my source of inspiration.  Apparently this broke the cardinal rule of scraplifting.  *insert eye roll here*

A well known scrapbooker, whom I had admired up to this point, decided to comment on my post berating me for scraplifting.  So I deleted my posts immediately.  I had no idea I had broken some rule.  At the time of the post, I was still relatively new to scrapbooking.

But since I deleted my post, this scrapbooker decided to take her qualms with me more public and start a whole thread about the proper rules for scraplifting.  I imagine if you talk to her she could fill you in, but I don’t plan on going into them here.  So I posted on her thread apologizing for my original post and letting her know I had deleted it.  This didn’t stop the thread.

For over three hours I continued to get updates on my phone letting me know people were commenting on this thread, whether they agreed with her or me is a non-point, the entire thread caused me great anxiety.  Finally, the thread was deleted.

I didn’t film a scrapbook layout for two months after that.  Two months!  Because some negative individual decided to school me on the rules of scrapbooking.  Guess what?  There are no “rules of scrapbooking”.  I don’t know about you, but when I started scrapbooking, I wasn’t given a handbook about the dos and don’ts.

Just recently I joined The Scrap Gals Facebook group.  And I started listening to the Scrap Gals podcast.  On more than one occasion Tracie talks about scraplifting.  As something positive that we should all be doing!  I decided to start a thread about it in the group to hear other people’s opinions.  The general consensus?  Who cares!  (Unless you are being paid for your work).

If you are putting your work on a public forum, it’s not illegal for others to take inspiration from your work.  Heck, wouldn’t you be flattered??  I know I would be!

And to jump on the scraplifting bandwagon, I started a new series on our YouTube channel called Scraplift Saturday.  I hope you all join in to scraplift some of our favorite scrapbookers!

xo, Kira


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